Abundant Trove was named after careful consideration.  I wanted to express from my heart a passion in creating  unique designs in handmade beaded jewelry.  I  hoped to be an engaging site that welcomed people and offered quality jewelry pieces with elegant beauty and charm.  Abundant is such a positive word and means more than enough.  I picture many things in my mind when I think of Abundant from an elaborate dinner on a decorative festive table, to the wonderous sound of water rushing down a fall, to the contagious laughter of my daughters and so on. 

When I think of Abundant at the Trove I think of endless, colorful, faceted Semi-precious strands of beads laid out like a glittering rainbow with all the possibilities of design at my fingertips.  When I begin a new design I usually go through my beads with a color or two in mind and just start gathering them all together and fingering and thinking and arranging them.   I am amazed that I never tire of this process and can easily get caught up in bead design. 

The word Trove means discovery, a real find, a hidden treasure.  I use to love to treasure hunt at antique malls and flea markets.  My specific search in those days was looking for some artisan trinket made from sterling silver.  I have long enjoyed the beauty of sterling silver and even  recall doing an element display of .925 silver for a class project in fifth grade.  These days, I have turned my passion for sterling silver into jewelry design as the beads, chain, and findings  I work with are sterling silver.  I hope that at Abundant Trove you discover beauty and can find a treasure to call your very own.  I also enjoy creating a unique jewelry design upon request.

Abundance is a unique handmade beaded jewelry piece.