Beautiful design in handmade beaded jewelry bookmarks!

The heart is Millefiori (thousand flower) hand-blown glass.  It is a black background which makes the colorful flowers pop.  A Carnelian rounded stone nicely accents the green glass and vintage silver beads.  The tiny seed beads are multi-colored with the rich hues of gorgeous peacock feathers mostly in greens.

Handmade beaded bookmarks make great gifts for the special book reader in your life.  My girls and I have enjoyed making beaded bookmarks for gifts, each other, and for fun.  Three out of the four of us in our family are book reader enthusiasts so it just seemed a natural expression of our love of reading and beautiful things.  I have been commissioned by my sister to design beaded bookmarks for her reading club.  She informed me they all were very excited over them which of course made me very happy for my sister and myself.  I really am thrilled when someone is happy with their purchase from me.  One year my other sister purchased about a dozen and used them for teacher gifts and for an unexpected moment when you want to present someone with a special little something. 

Beaded bookmarks can be for men too.   I have made them for the men in my life and was able to use chunky beads on the ends for a more masculine appeal.  My husband’s was tenderly made with seedbeads that reminded me of sparkling water.  John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”   The paua shell bird was to represent the Holy Spirit, the large chunk turquoise is God  because He is the rock that holds all things together, the green chunky stone next to the turquoise for a reminder to keep growing in Him.  I balanced the other side with some smaller chunky stones.  He uses this bookmark in his Bible and said it touched his heart to receive it and  he thinks of me with fondness every time he uses it.

         It is wonderful to bring sentiment to gifts because your heart reaches towards another and joyfully holds out an offering.  I enjoy thinking and creating with purpose.  I can custom design handmade beaded bookmarks for you.  You may contact us and describe what you are thinking of, the price range, and if you need quantities we may be able to accommodate you.  Beaded bookmarks start around $8.50 and can go up from there depending on the beads chosen in the design.

 Abundance is a handmade beaded bookmark from a loved one!