DSC_0823I love the look of Country French Furniture because it expresses a subtle sophistication and a romantic aura with all the curves and bends.  French Country furniture commands attention and gains loving glances over and over again. It stirs a a feeling of something from the past and brings a sense of comfort home.  I discussed the antique mirror in my last blog you may enjoy going back to read it or get some suggestions on how to secure a old wooden frame.  The console table caught my attention because of its country French style with curvy legs, body curves, and how the bottom joins together in a big statement! IMG_0715 I believe the table is late 1980’s or 90’s.  It was one that needed new life and finishing the mirror frame just brought the two pieces together like they were waiting to be paired.

I decided on using Annie Sloan’s French Linen Chalk Paint as the console table had a smoky tinted glass top. The beveled glass top is tinted a faint smoky brown and I knew with the color of paint and using dark wax to age the piece that it would all come together nicely.  I did hand paint primer on the table first.  I let dry for 24 hours and then painted using my Annie Sloan oval paint brush for the first time.  I loved it!  I’m still attached to Purdy though. 🙂  I did two coats of chalk paint.  IMG_0734I let the paint dry 24 hours and began to lightly distress the table till I got the look I was aiming for.  I then wiped down really well and let dry.  I clear waxed the whole piece two times and then using the dark wax I rubbed on and off till I got that nice aged patina look.

I love picture frames and so wanted to include a couple that were ornate but more simple to go with the total look.  I hand painted the frames the same way as I did the furniture pieces.  I purchased black cardboard easel backings so that the frames could rest on the table. This Furniture Grouping is for sale.  Please contact me or my Etsy shop.  I will custom paint your furniture pieces that need an up-do if you are live in my area.  Thanks so Much!DSC_0826DSC_0830DSC_0831

DSC_0823This Fabulous French Country Furniture Grouping is an Up-do with a mix of the past and 1980’s.  I search for furniture pieces that speak to me to paint.  I found the mirror before the table and from what I can gather it was attached at one time to a dresser and probably had a little swing action. IMG_0697 I loved that it had its original beveled glass mirror.  It has the age spots to verify and the IMG_0700weight.  One part of the frame had been glued quickly so I knew upon purchasing I would need to be re-working the frame and making sure it was securely and aesthetically pleasing.  I was up for the challenge because I loved the carved design on top of the mirror! Upon opening the back of the mirror I saw that the previous person had glued the mirror in which is a no-no.  It was time consuming as I worked on pulling the glued away from the wooden frame and carefully from the back of the glass mirror. I then lightly sanded frame.  I removed old glue from crack on the front of the frame and re-glued the frame.IMG_0705 IMG_0724I took a soft cloth and wrapped it on corner as I lightly hammered the frame back into proper position. After the wood glue dried, I took wood filler and in each section of the frame filled in on both back and front of frame where needed.  I used my handy clamps and was off to another project while the frame set and dried.IMG_0719IMG_0720

Now that the antique wooden frame was all solid and put back together it was time to paint.  I originally thought I would hand paint the frame white and distress for a bedroom mirror.  My mirror got intersected so to speak with a French Console Table that I purchased right around the time the mirror frame was ready for paint. IMG_0729 I place the two by each other and felt a match was made.  I rather enjoy when that happens as I like to decorate and place things in a beautiful orderly way!  I decided to use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in French Linen color.  You do not need to prime your furniture pieces before you use chalk paint, but I almost always do.  I hand painted primer on both the mirror frame and the console table.  Read my next blog for continuation of my Country French Furniture Grouping!  I do custom painting on picture frames and can ship in the U.S.A.  I can quote you on painting furniture pieces you already own if you live in my area.  Thanks!

DSC_0815Beautiful Farm Style Wooden Painted and Distressed Picture Frames are For Sale on Etsy at my Abundant Trove Shop.  I have always had an appreciation for great craftsmanship and style.  Several of these vintage wooden picture frames were purchased at yard sales in the country.  We were at a typical chippy white paint farm house on an early Friday morning.  We enjoy talking to people almost as much as searching for items to buy.  People have stories to tell and I think many like to know a little about who is buying the belongings they are parting with.  The dusty, wooden frames looked like they were just pulled from storage as an after thought and were scattered on a beat up table with no price.  I immediately loved the quality and charm of these wooden beauties that just needed some TLC to come back to life! After selecting our items carefully and talking a bit we were given an agreeable price and were on our way to the next sale.DSC_0813

Gathering these frames brought joy to me and I felt delight in the whole Up-Do process.  I love the look and feel of quality wood and paint just seems to go on so much better and even waxing is a pleasure.  I really enjoy Annie Sloan Chalk Paints so used French Linen on this frame set.  I did prime the frame with a paint brush as the frames were older and I didn’t want any odors or stains to come through.  Also, the paint really adheres to primer wonderfully.  I did hand distress and wax each frame for a cottage chic/farm style look and durability.

DSC_0814These pretty hand distressed frames would make a great addition to a family room or bedroom.  You can stack against a wall on a shelf. I always show a photo lay out of my idea as I chose the frame sets. DSC_0812 I normally chose odd numbers, but six was right for this grouping.  They are for sale for $79.00 plus shipping on my Etsy shop or you can contact me as well.  I do custom painting and you can order a set of frames from me contact me with your details and I can quote you.  Thank You!!!

DSC_0813 The joy of finding items that you can Up-Do into another useful form!  I found a 1980’s red wooden calendar holder and shelf at a garage sale. It had three wooden pegs coming out of bottom for hooks. My mind immediately saw a chalkboard (the in-thing) with better hooks and of course freshly painted and with some more details-hmmm…   I like how my mind buzzes with activity when I get a new project.

I should have taken a photo of original calendar board so you could see the transformation. The design of the calendar board was practical and good so I just made some changes to take it to now.  DSC_0812First, I took the wood pegs off and drilled holes through the wood where the pegs had been glued as I was going to put cabinet hardware knobs on.  I went to a local hobby craft store and found just the knobs I wanted.  I searched through my odd-n-end box and found the beautiful decorative ornate metal piece. DSC_0815 This would go on to add charm and uniqueness to this chalkboard shelf organizer.  I cleaned the wood down and painted with Annie Sloan French Linen Chalk Paint.  I did not use a primer as I didn’t mind if some of the red peeked through.  While paint was drying I went to a local hardware store where the guys cut chalkboard for me to fit my projects.  The next day I lightly distressed the board and washed down and clear waxed to make the paint stick and piece durable.  I glued the chalkboard in and secured my scroll metal design with tiny nails and placed my new cabinet knobs on. I love that the organizer had a pen holder to write on the calendar now it can hold chalk to write on the chalk board. I am thrilled with the outcome of this project. It turned out functional and with the casual elegance style I strive for!

You can purchase this hand painted distressed chalkboard on Etsy.com at my store (Abundant Trove) or contact me.  This chalkboard organizer would be great in your mudroom to keep reminders handy and timely. You can loop your keys on the knobs.  We all use lanyards here so that would work nicely. It would also be good in a kitchen or office.DSC_0821

I do custom paint frames and will quote you on painting your furniture if you live in my area. Check out my shop for vintage and hand beaded jewelry designs.  Thanks!


IMG_0433With the completion of hand painting, distressing, and waxing the fabulous carved wooden arm chair it was time to IMG_0379choose fabric for the seat cushion. The antique chair had a basic linen fabric on it that was showing signs of wearing. I wanted to keep the fresh feel of the newly distressed painted look and add appeal, so my task at hand was choosing the right upholstery for the seat cushion.

Since the chair would be placed in my bedroom and be more of a decorative chair than every day functional one I chose an ornate raised corded fabric with an ivory background.  IMG_0671When choosing fabric it is important to take into consideration how durable you need the fabric in relation to how often that piece of furniture will be used.  My bedroom chair still maintains function and I sit upon it to put on shoes, the girls may sit on it from time to time, and it has been even known to be a holding place for clean laundry.  I would have never chosen the fabric I did if it would have received constant use. My friend Heather showed me how to layer a felt-like material to get more cushion in the seat and placed the ornate fabric over the cushion securing with staples from the staple gun.  I then used Scotch Guard to protective the fabric.  I did several coats with drying time in between.  I secured the cushion with the screw nails I previously removed from the chair at the start of my project.  I try to keep original hardware on the pieces of furniture I re-do unless they are in bad shape or do not aim to please in appeal factor.  I have found plastic baggies helpful in keeping and love that I can marker on the bag which furniture piece it goes to.

My Chair Up-Do was Complete and I Enjoyed Working On Such a Special Chair Find and Will Enjoy this Beautiful Piece for Years to Come!  Do you have a special furniture piece that could use an Up-do?  If you live in my area I will paint for you. Please contact me at www.abundanttrove.com and upon reviewing your request and details I can quote you.  Thanks!