Do you have a treasured beaded jewelry design that needs repair or beads that are sentimental because a loved one use to wear them?  Do you want to have the jewerly put in wearable condition but do not know where to go.   At Abundant Trove we can restring or repair most of your handmade beaded jewelry designs.  I have had the pleasure of working with family and friends to help put their special pieces back into their lives.  I have done the simple from restringing the design on 49 strand wire,  replacing broken clasps with new, making a design longer or shorter,  and the more in-depth with creating custom handmade designs from bags of  prized beads.

 I think it is truly amazing how jewelry can speak and pieces can inspire you.  When my Nana passed on I received a pearl ring that I can still picture on her hand.  I am not superstitious- Nana was gentle and a bold successful woman and I found comfort in wearing that ring into sales meetings.  It was like she was with me encouraging me on.  I have special pearl earrings that my husband gave me that returns me to my dating days with a smile.  I even have plastic beaded jewelry necklaces that my children made me and I hang them on our Christmas tree.

At Abundant Trove I use quality materials such as 49 strand wire, .925 sterling silver clasps, beads, and findings, and a variety of semi-precious stones.   In repairing a jewelry piece I am determined that each piece have a high quality finished look as I find great satisfaction in a happy customer!

How does one inquire about having a beaded jewelry piece repaired?  Contact me and share your details of what you desire and if possible send a photo.  I will then reveiw your information and quote you if I am able to repair your piece.  I will also give you a time in which to expect the piece to be returned to you. If you agree you will send me your jewelry piece/parts and 50% of the quoted price.   On custom beaded jewelry designs from your bag of beads, I will take a photo of the created design and wait for your approval before the jewelry piece is finished with a clasp.  You will then pay the balance and I will ship your piece free of charge and return any parts/pieces I did not use.

Abundance is a jewelry design restored and wearable!