DSC_0815Beautiful Farm Style Wooden Painted and Distressed Picture Frames are For Sale on Etsy at my Abundant Trove Shop.  I have always had an appreciation for great craftsmanship and style.  Several of these vintage wooden picture frames were purchased at yard sales in the country.  We were at a typical chippy white paint farm house on an early Friday morning.  We enjoy talking to people almost as much as searching for items to buy.  People have stories to tell and I think many like to know a little about who is buying the belongings they are parting with.  The dusty, wooden frames looked like they were just pulled from storage as an after thought and were scattered on a beat up table with no price.  I immediately loved the quality and charm of these wooden beauties that just needed some TLC to come back to life! After selecting our items carefully and talking a bit we were given an agreeable price and were on our way to the next sale.DSC_0813

Gathering these frames brought joy to me and I felt delight in the whole Up-Do process.  I love the look and feel of quality wood and paint just seems to go on so much better and even waxing is a pleasure.  I really enjoy Annie Sloan Chalk Paints so used French Linen on this frame set.  I did prime the frame with a paint brush as the frames were older and I didn’t want any odors or stains to come through.  Also, the paint really adheres to primer wonderfully.  I did hand distress and wax each frame for a cottage chic/farm style look and durability.

DSC_0814These pretty hand distressed frames would make a great addition to a family room or bedroom.  You can stack against a wall on a shelf. I always show a photo lay out of my idea as I chose the frame sets. DSC_0812 I normally chose odd numbers, but six was right for this grouping.  They are for sale for $79.00 plus shipping on my Etsy shop or you can contact me as well.  I do custom painting and you can order a set of frames from me contact me with your details and I can quote you.  Thank You!!!


Distressed Hand Painted FramesMy Teenage Daughter has brought me back to the thrill of Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and even Estate Sales.  My husband has even joined in and we are enjoying our finds and spending time together on our Saturday drives to the country or around town.

This was a grouping of wooden picture frames that I sold on Etsy.  I had such fun finding these beautiful old wooden frames.  Some were from old farm houses and I thought of keeping them as they were, but as I collected more I envisioned the distressed look and these hanging on an open wall.

I have been taught a long process from taking the frame as is to a beautiful hand painted distressed one.  The steps I learned will ensure lasting beauty.  I enjoy the steps and seeing the frames transformed.

I love the built in charm and embrace the beauty marks of the wood or resin as I paint and re-do these great pieces.  I currently am working on a detailed resin and metal grouping that is starting to take shape.  I will be listing it in my shop soon.

Please let me know if I can put together a set for you.   Thank You!