Do you have a treasured beaded jewelry design that needs repair or beads that are sentimental because a loved one use to wear them?  Do you want to have the jewerly put in wearable condition but do not know where to go.   At Abundant Trove we can restring or repair most of your handmade beaded jewelry designs.  I have had the pleasure of working with family and friends to help put their special pieces back into their lives.  I have done the simple from restringing the design on 49 strand wire,  replacing broken clasps with new, making a design longer or shorter,  and the more in-depth with creating custom handmade designs from bags of  prized beads.

 I think it is truly amazing how jewelry can speak and pieces can inspire you.  When my Nana passed on I received a pearl ring that I can still picture on her hand.  I am not superstitious- Nana was gentle and a bold successful woman and I found comfort in wearing that ring into sales meetings.  It was like she was with me encouraging me on.  I have special pearl earrings that my husband gave me that returns me to my dating days with a smile.  I even have plastic beaded jewelry necklaces that my children made me and I hang them on our Christmas tree.

At Abundant Trove I use quality materials such as 49 strand wire, .925 sterling silver clasps, beads, and findings, and a variety of semi-precious stones.   In repairing a jewelry piece I am determined that each piece have a high quality finished look as I find great satisfaction in a happy customer!

How does one inquire about having a beaded jewelry piece repaired?  Contact me and share your details of what you desire and if possible send a photo.  I will then reveiw your information and quote you if I am able to repair your piece.  I will also give you a time in which to expect the piece to be returned to you. If you agree you will send me your jewelry piece/parts and 50% of the quoted price.   On custom beaded jewelry designs from your bag of beads, I will take a photo of the created design and wait for your approval before the jewelry piece is finished with a clasp.  You will then pay the balance and I will ship your piece free of charge and return any parts/pieces I did not use.

Abundance is a jewelry design restored and wearable!

My mother is turning 75 this July and requested that I design a beaded necklace to commemorate this special occasion.  She had one main request and that was that the necklace measure 75 inches long.  She loves all kinds of semi-precious stones and the many colors of green and she wanted some sterling chain in the design as that would help break it up and help with balancing weight.

I told my daughters about Grandma’s request and they did not believe me at first.  I then told them that 75 inches is as tall as Daddy from his toes to his head plus 3 inches more.  This necklace design would be the longest necklace I ever made.  I loved the idea of putting sentiment about her life in the jewelry piece.  It took me about 10 days of thinking as I was not sure the exact colors and layout.  I decided on a variety of semi-precious stones that included: labradorite, emerald stone, adventurine, paua shell, quartz, smoky quartz, azurite, turquoise, amazunite, and a varity of freshwater pearls.  I used circle sterling silver chain to be representative of the circle of life.

The beaded necklace contains many fun things that relate to my mother.  I put a silver frog charm on because as a young girl she had the nickname croaky because of her maiden name Croghan.  She and my dad also have a cute frog theme together.  She is Irish so a four leaf clover (shamrock) had to be a part.  She is passionate about shelling so a shell charm and a wrapped piece of paua shell is representative of that.  She had four children so I used four butterfly charms all stacked together-she had us all two years apart.  I still am in wonderment of that after only having two.  She is a grandma so five hearts are placed as a reminder that part of her heart is traveling about in these  precious children.  She loves her country and has taken part in the Tea Parties so I couldn’t resist and put a tea pot with a pearl in the middle.  My mother has traveled to all seven continents so I created a globe for a world traveler.  A penguin charm speaks of her trip to Antarctica and her love for these creatures. If you have ever met my mother you would have received a heart to heart hug so I had to put two sterling hearts together.  She was presented with a bronze sculpture by the artist Guilloume because she inspired him to create a piece of two people hugging heart to heart.  I also put a cross, heart, and anchor together because she is a Christian as she received Jesus’ gift on the cross and has a personal relationship with God.  I used a sterling turtle bead because the turtle won the race with persistance and attitude. 

Creating custom crafted jewelry pieces is a pleasure for me and I am excited to bring out personal meaning and am thrilled when a person is touched by my design expression.  Thanks Mom for the challenge and support, and I hope you enjoy your 75 inch handmade beaded necklace and telling your memory stories.


This darling handmade beaded children’s jewelry bracelet celebrates life!

The custom crafted jewelry design has a sterling silver butterfly at its center.  Papillon in French means butterfly.  The butterfly is a symbol of life.  It is amazing to watch the transformation of the caterpillar to a  miraculous butterfly.  This beaded bracelet celebrates the miracle of life and is made with freshwater pink and cream pearls, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver beads, and a sterling silver heart clasp.

The pearls have special meaning as well.  Each girl just like each pearl is uniquely beautiful in formation.  The cream pearls represent purity and the pink ones are for femininity.  The over all design of Pink Papillon is one of sentiment, beauty, and to celebrate the special life before you.

We gifted a special girl in our life with this bracelet when she was in fourth grade.  She recently visited us and brought the bracelet for me to add a couple beads and restring as she wears it daily and it was getting a little snug for her eighth grade wrist.  I was thrilled she treasures the bracelet so much!  This pretty beaded bracelet makes a wonderful gift and I can custom size it for the precious girl in your life.  Many women love the butterfly symbol and I can size this bracelet to fit or custom craft a unique design using the sterling butterfly for you.


This handcrafted beaded jewelry design offers a fresh take on Old World romance jewelry.  It is created with yellow citrine nuggets, yellow faceted calcite, faceted clear crystal, freshwater dangling pearls, a pearl, clacite, and sterling silver pendant, with sterling silver beads, sterling ear clasps and toggle closure. 


 It is a gorgeous set as it catches and plays with light with the crystal and quartz crystal in the citrine.  It has a fresh and appealing feel with the pearls adding a soft romantic touch.  For more information on custom crafted jewelry designs you can contact us and we may be able to accommodate you.






Inspirational jewelry that is designed to reflect religious beliefs can be such a pleasure to wear and signal comfort as it reminds you what is truly important and that you are loved.  I believe in a Creator who created each person with unique talents and characteristics. He  lovingly formed us and longs to communicate personally with us.

I celebrate God’s truth and gift of Salvation by putting together His resources into a wearable piece of handmade beaded jewelry.  This unique beaded bracelet is called “Christianity” and tells the story of a personal God who humbly came to earth to save.  The Christianity bracelet has seven colors-a number for completeness in the Bible.  The Black is for sin and proclaims that each one of us is a sinner.  The red is for Christ’s blood that was shed on the cross as payment for our sins.  The white (pearl) represents how God can make you clean and righteous if you acknowledge your sin and receive Christ’s payment. God is represented by the purple bead as the King of Kings and is placed at the center of the bracelet as a reminder to keep Him at the center of your life.  Green is for growth and happens as you continually get to know God by reading your Bible and praying.  When Believers die our earthly death we will be resurrected just as Christ and walk the streets of Gold.  In Heaven all things will be made crystal clear and we will live eternally with our Heavenly Father.

This unique handmade beaded jewelry design is made with genuine Swarovski colored crystal beads, generous  .925 sterling silver beads, and sterling silver clasp.  The Christianity bracelet is elegant, stylish, and versatile as it can be worn with almost any outfit. You can enjoy slipping on this bracelet and delight in the meaning. This jewelry piece makes a great gift for those who share your faith or have a special religious occasion to celebrate.  This would make an exceptional gift for a person who just received Christ.  I can custom design and size the Christianity Bracelet for children and adults. 

My desire is that by wearing any of my jewelry deigns with a religious influence, you will feel connected to truth and have a tangible reminder that you are loved.   Maybe you will be inspired to share the Truth with others and many blessings will be poured out.