When I was involved in women’s ministries at our church in Minnesota, we made these Scripture Valentines for the precious women of Staying Power.  I still look at this heart from time to time and say the Scripture.  The message is one of love and protection from a God who dearly loves you.

II Chronicles 16:9a (NIV)  “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

The eye represents God’s eyes that are fixed on you in a protective and loving way.  I like to compare His eyes to a mother’s eyes as she watches her child on the playground following each winding move and stepping climb. Why does she watch?  To make sure her child is safe and using good manners. If a fall happens she knows how it came to be.  She finds joy as she sees her delighted child playing, because this child is her responsibility and treasured love. She has become so adept at watching that she can even carry on conversations with those next to her without losing sight of her beloved.

The next symbol is the earth and the Scripture says God’s eyes range throughout the earth.  He is the detailed Maker of Heaven and earth.  The earth is not too big for Him to locate you.  This is a beautiful picture of a relational God seeking you.  He is all knowing (omniscient) and He waits for you to call upon Him.

When we do call upon Him we are calling on the King of all Kings!  The purple diamond cut out is for royalty.  The heart represents God’s unfailing love for you.  The piece of turquoise represents the Rock-the One who is strong and mighty and His strength is available to His children.  He is a safe shelter and strong tower in which the righteous run in and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)  He is willing to give you His strength and goodness.

There are actions on our part to take just as in any meaningful relationship.  Our hearts must be committed to Him.  What does a fully committed heart look like? It is one that has received Jesus as their Savior.  Ephesians 2:8-9, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not of yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.”  In Romans 10:9, “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”  The red cross stitched on the Bible is recognizing Jesus as Savior.  If you have the Son you have the Father and the Holy Spirit. The heart is a symbol of love—Do you love God?  The older I get my love deepens as I experience Him and have come to understand He is worthy of all love and trust.  I have heard the Bible described as God’s love letter to us.  I have to agree and also add that this is where we can learn what is important to Him and engage in meaningful conversations with Him.

God is the ultimate Valentine!  Today, He may want you to know that His eyes can find you –He sees you and understands-you are His beloved.  Seek Him—He offers strength, goodness, and love.


Do you have a treasured beaded jewelry design that needs repair or beads that are sentimental because a loved one use to wear them?  Do you want to have the jewerly put in wearable condition but do not know where to go.   At Abundant Trove we can restring or repair most of your handmade beaded jewelry designs.  I have had the pleasure of working with family and friends to help put their special pieces back into their lives.  I have done the simple from restringing the design on 49 strand wire,  replacing broken clasps with new, making a design longer or shorter,  and the more in-depth with creating custom handmade designs from bags of  prized beads.

 I think it is truly amazing how jewelry can speak and pieces can inspire you.  When my Nana passed on I received a pearl ring that I can still picture on her hand.  I am not superstitious- Nana was gentle and a bold successful woman and I found comfort in wearing that ring into sales meetings.  It was like she was with me encouraging me on.  I have special pearl earrings that my husband gave me that returns me to my dating days with a smile.  I even have plastic beaded jewelry necklaces that my children made me and I hang them on our Christmas tree.

At Abundant Trove I use quality materials such as 49 strand wire, .925 sterling silver clasps, beads, and findings, and a variety of semi-precious stones.   In repairing a jewelry piece I am determined that each piece have a high quality finished look as I find great satisfaction in a happy customer!

How does one inquire about having a beaded jewelry piece repaired?  Contact me and share your details of what you desire and if possible send a photo.  I will then reveiw your information and quote you if I am able to repair your piece.  I will also give you a time in which to expect the piece to be returned to you. If you agree you will send me your jewelry piece/parts and 50% of the quoted price.   On custom beaded jewelry designs from your bag of beads, I will take a photo of the created design and wait for your approval before the jewelry piece is finished with a clasp.  You will then pay the balance and I will ship your piece free of charge and return any parts/pieces I did not use.

Abundance is a jewelry design restored and wearable!

I wanted to thank all you girls who attended the fabulous Girls Night Out event.  I was glad to hear the photo booth was fun and created smiles and memories. I was very thankful to be able to show my handmade beaded jewelry designs to you.  I am grateful for all the jewelry pieces that were sold.  I hope you are all enjoying them and thinking on the wonderful night spent with friends. 

At Abundant Trove I can custom size and design unique beaded jewelry pieces.  For example, you may visit my jewelry shop and see a bracelet or necklace but would like the piece  to be longer or shorter.  Just ask me because in most sizing situations I can accommodate you.  I really enjoy creating the beaded jewelry designs but also take pleasure in creating a perfect fit and piece that delights the person who will wear my jewelry. 

As Christmas approaches and you need gifts whether for a gift exchange or multiple favors please keep Abundant Trove handmade beaded jewelry in mind.  I would love to receive your business.  Also, I am taking orders for handmade beaded bookmarks for teacher appreciation gifts.  Please contact me if you are interested.  You may want to read my blog on beaded bookmarks to see some designs.  I do still have millifiore glass hearts and foil glass hearts.

Thank you, Judie,  for hosting Girls Night Out and to all of you who came!!!



Choosing a necklace length is mostly a personal style choice.  I recently designed a three strand pearl and crystal necklace for a friend.  I had the custom jewelry design on wire so she could hold it up and view it around her neck.  She asked for help in determining the length.  I asked her where she normally likes to wear necklaces.  She responded that she wears shirts with collars so she would like the piece up higher on the neck so it can be seen.  I held it at varying lengths and with logic (how was the piece going to be worn), design (beads and their size), and personal preference (where the piece sparkles on you and lays comfortably) we had the length.

Some necklaces are uniquely designed for a special outfit and the neckline dictates the proper length.  A bride is a good example here as she wants the perfect jewelry piece but needs to carefully harmonize the necklace with her dress.  Today, as in the past, women are wearing two to five different necklaces to create their own original jewelry designs.  Just like mixing the wood tones of furniture in decorating so it is with texture, color, size, and layering in handmade beaded jewelry designs as anything goes.

What are standard lengths of necklaces?  We will go from shorter to longer with the name given to each length.

     *Choker:  (14-16 inches) 16 inch is the standard and is the usual choker size available at Abundant Trove.  The Collar is a 14 inch multi-strand choker worn snuggly on the neck.   

     *Princess:  (18 inches to 20 inches)  The princess looks fabulous with V-necks and scooped necks.  Princess is a good length for dangling pendants and is the most popular length.

     *Matinee:  (23 inches to 27 inches)  Some women enjoy layering a choker with a matinee length necklace.  Keep in mind that if the design has large stone beads you will feel the weight of wearing it.  Some women like that feeling; others feel like the necklace is wearing them.

     *Opera:  (32inches to 36 inches)  Opera length is usually twice the size of choker.  Opera can be looped around and comfortably give you a double strand look.

     *Rope:  (40 inches plus)  The rope necklace can also be looped around and comfortably give you a three strand necklace.  Longer dresses and skirts are back so it may just be chic to wear the longer length just dangling.

Knowing the names and varying lengths can be informative and helpful but is not necessary.  When you connect with a necklace- its design, color, and length personal preference makes the best selection every time.  We do custom size necklaces and break free from the standard lengths at times for the customer and for a unique beaded jewelry design.